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Auxiliary machine on rubber mixer

Edit: John 2020-01-30

  The auxiliary machine on the rubber mixer provides various rubbers for the internal mixer and the auxiliary devices for conveying, weighing and feeding the raw materials. Usually includes: carbon black powder transportation weighing system, oil transportation weighing system and rubber weighing feeding system. The conveyance, weighing and feeding of various raw materials of the auxiliary machine on the internal mixer are comprehensively controlled by the electronic computer system and are linked with the operation of the internal mixer.

  Common structure of auxiliary machine system on internal mixer

  At present, the common auxiliary machine system of the internal mixer mainly has two structural forms of the three-dimensional type and the negative pressure type auxiliary machine. Among them, the three-dimensional upper auxiliary machine is widely used. Involving various types of mixers, the fields of use also cover almost all rubber products. The negative pressure auxiliary machine has been applied in recent years. It is mainly used in conjunction with small mixers and kneaders. The following mainly introduces the composition of the auxiliary machinery in two structures:


  I. Components of the three-dimensional upper auxiliary machine system:

  1. Carbon black pneumatic conveying part;

  2. Carbon black (powder) storage, automatic weighing and feeding part;

  3. Oil storage, automatic weighing and feeding part;

  4. Weighing of rubber material and automatic feeding part;

  5. Dense dust removal part;

  6. Control system.

  Second, the system components of the negative pressure on the auxiliary machine:

  1. Unpacking and feeding part of carbon black (powder);

  2. Conveying pipeline of carbon black (powder);

  3. Weighing unit and feeding system of carbon black (powder);

  4, oil, rubber, dust removal, and control systems are the same as the vertical upper auxiliary machine.


  A few technical notes on the auxiliary machine system on the internal mixer

  1. The pneumatic conveying part is mainly used by enterprises with large mixer models and a large number of mixers. At present, most non-tire manufacturers use the direct unpacking method of space bags.

  2. The price of the auxiliary machine has little to do with the size of the mixer model. It mainly depends on the content and the corresponding quantity and configuration. In the case of the same amount of content, the price of the upper auxiliary system of the two structures is almost the same.

  3. The accuracy of the upper auxiliary machine system is not as high as possible. Under the premise of not affecting the product quality, the appropriate accuracy requirements should be selected.

  4. The use stability and reliability of the negative pressure upper auxiliary machine system are lower than the three-dimensional upper auxiliary machine system.

  5. The negative pressure upper auxiliary machine system is not suitable for large-scale internal mixers (such as 270 and above models).