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Automatic processing aid metering system

Edit: John 2020-01-30



  It is mainly used in chemical, rubber, plastics, rubber, dyes, pigments, food spices, electronic medicine and other industries that use powder and granule raw materials and require formulation management and weighing.


  * The accuracy of a single material is ± 2g, ± 5g, ± 10g (accuracy needs to consider environmental factors, material particles uniformity, and material characteristics and other factors);

  * Up to 50 batches per hour (mainly related to the specific gravity of the raw materials, weighing weight and accuracy);

  * This system can be equipped with a rotary conveyor, which is more conducive to weighing continuity;

  * Can be equipped with a small mobile dust collector to facilitate the cleaning of the metering platform;

  * The function of controlling the speed of raw material feeding can be achieved by PLC program;

  * Use the man-machine interface to achieve set batch, recipe, speed and other related parameters;

  * It can automatically generate information such as the daily and monthly cumulative amount of each raw material used and the equipment abnormal alarm according to the use situation, and has the function of querying and printing.


  * Standard specifications from single-port single-pound to twenty-port twenty-pound;

  * Can be customized according to customer's special requirements.