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How to classify kneader

Edit: John 2020-01-30

  Kneader is used for plasticizing and kneading of rubber and plastic. It is also suitable for mixing and kneading viscous materials.

  Classification of Kneader:

  According to the structure, it can be divided into pressurized kneader (tumble mixer) and open kneader.

  According to the working principle and use, it can be divided into rubber-plastic mixer and rubber recycling tablet press.

  Pressure kneader

  Uses: Used for plasticizing and mixing of rubber and plastics, and also for mixing and kneading of viscous materials.

  Features: The rotor of this machine is elliptical shear type. The working surface of the rotor is hardfacing with wear-resistant hard alloy, the interior surface of the mixing chamber, and the working surface of the top bolt are plated with hard chrome. The rotor, the mixing chamber and the top pin all adopt the circulation channel structure to realize the circulation of the heat transfer medium. According to the requirements of different production processes, the materials can be heated and cooled by steam or cooling water. The upper pin can apply pressure to the material through the cylinder to force the material to be evenly mixed to improve production efficiency. The rotor is supported by rolling bearings, which is easy to maintain and has a long service life. The transmission adopts NGW planetary reducer, which has a compact structure, high transmission efficiency and low noise ,long lasting. This machine is used for back-feeding. It adopts the mixing room to turn over and unload, which is convenient for cleaning materials and changing colors. The electrical control system uses conventional electrical appliances and can be equipped with PC programmable controllers according to user requirements.

  Open kneader

  Uses: Mainly used for kneading and refining of recycled rubber.

  Features: The roller adopts alloy cold hard cast iron, the surface is hard and wear-resistant, the front and rear rollers are smooth rollers, and the inner cavity is processed to make the roller surface temperature uniform. The reducer uses NGW hard tooth surface planetary gear reducer. The machine is equipped with overload protection device. Protect major parts from damage due to overload. The machine is equipped with an emergency brake. When an emergency occurs, the lever is pulled, and the machine is immediately braked. It is safe and reliable. The roller distance is adjusted by manual distance adjustment, which is convenient to operate. The machine is equipped with a scraper and a winding device, which can remove the material from Remove from the roll.