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Auxiliary machine system on mixer

Edit: John 2020-01-30


  Product introduction

  The auxiliary machine system of the internal mixer is to realize the automatic transportation, storage, weighing, feeding and other processes of the carbon black, rubber, oil and other materials required for the internal mixer of the internal mixer. device. The auxiliary machine system of the internal mixer has the characteristics of "economy, environmental protection, high efficiency, and automation". Using the auxiliary machine system of the internal mixer can greatly reduce the construction cost, reduce the equipment investment, and save the labor cost, and it can achieve no dust in the production area. Pollution, improve employee working environment. This auxiliary machine system can also be used in combination with our company's production line automatic control system, so as to realize the automatic production of the entire plant production line.

  Working principle

  According to the physical properties of the raw materials, the various materials are sucked to the scale with negative pressure in one or more times in order, measured and temporarily stored, waiting for the signal from the mixer to start the next batch of measurement actions after completion.

  配方 The formula and batch are set through the man-machine interface to achieve the effect of automatic delivery and measurement. The daily cumulative amount and monthly cumulative amount of each raw material can be displayed through the man-machine interface, and it has the function of abnormal alarm prompt. This system can be connected to the main machine and the auxiliary machine via the industrial computer to achieve the automatic management function.

  Product Features

  1. Integrate production planning management, material management, quality management and other production process control into one to achieve integrated management and control;

  2. Improve the stability of the mixer system and the accuracy of the feeding, thereby improving the quality and uniformity of the product;

  3. Intelligent automatic control system improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity and loss;

  4. Enclosed operation in the whole process, no dust pollution, improving the working environment of employees;

  5. Realize the transportation of different packaging materials;

  6. Realize automatic weighing of different kinds of materials such as powder, granule, block and liquid.